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Below is Guidance and form consent for Staveley Miners Welfare Juniors FC with regards to COVID-19.

Government Guidance and Support can be found here.


Teresa Oliver

Contact Number: 07854 224932

COVID-19: Text

Match/Training Check List Consent

I Agree to the terms for my child to participate in matches/training.

By sending your child to matches/training we expect that you or anyone within the household has not experienced any of the below symptoms. If your child does start showing any of the symptoms below, please contact your manager and don't come to matches/training for 2 weeks.

Have you or anyone in your household experienced any of the following
symptoms in the last two weeks?

Loss of taste and/or smell?

Persistent cough?

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

Aching Joints?

Head ache or eye ache (especially when looking up)?
High Temperature?
Do you believe you have recently come into contact with
someone displaying these symptoms?

By signing this form I also confirm I comfortable with the clubs COVID-19 planning arrangements.


Conformation sent. Thank you

COVID-19: Feedback Form

Documents/Forms for Training/Matches

Available for Download

Risk Assessment

Friendlies Checklist

COVID-19: Files

Staveley Chantry Fields Ready For Training

COVID-19: Gallery
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